Infolinks Review with Earnings and payment proof 2014-2015

Infolinks Review with Earnings and payment proof 2014-2015 | Blogger ustaad

Infolinks was the first ad network with the concept of text ads and banner blindness and also improve engagement. Blogger ustaad Give a review of infolinks company with long detail and also with payment proof.
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Infolinks Review with Earnings and payment proof 2014-2015

Infolinks is first ad network of text ads. Now he provides many ways to earn money with Blog/website. Infolinks gives you banner ads called banner blindness. so your question is What is blindness? If you are daily surfer of internet you can see banner ads on every website. These all banner ads called banner blindness. Infolinks also provide inframe ads. Now infolinks gives a lot of ads for website/Blog like inline ads and pop up ads keyword ads and much more else.

How it works?        

  1. Advertise give bid of keywords to infolinks for showing ads and getting traffic of website.
  2. Infolinks find high quality publishers and give bid keywords and ads to Publishers for showing ads of advertisers to publishers site.
  3. Publishers show ads on his site when some one clicks on these ads publisher make money from it.

The Types of ads :        

Infolinks provide many types of ads for publishers. Publishers can make lot of money with these types of ads. Many publishers are earning a Good income with infolinks.

Intext :      


Intext ads are very helpful for publishers. Let us take an Example of intext ads "When you are reading a post like about cricket 2015 world cup there are some inline ads when your mouse will over it a ad will appear when you click on ad you will earn some cents from infolinks.

Infold ad :     

Infold advertisement based on keyword Example "when a visitor come on your site via search engine which keyword visitor type in search engine then infolinks show ads about keyword".
A pop up ad will appear on your site if visitor click on this ad you will payed. This is Good way to earn much money. many great website also using this type of advertisement.
Visitor can close this ad if he click on close buttin.

Intag ads :        


Intag ads scan your website/Blog top keywords and show ads about your top keywords and related with your content. intag option is very attractive advertisement option for you. you can customize these types of ads in your infolink account. intag shows ads related your your keywords and content in your site.

Inframe   :        

Inframe ads are long side bar ads from infolinks these ads are sticky on your blog both sides.
These types of ads show many advertisements of many products and other things. You can Earn some extra money with these ads. You can use these ads if your Blog/website left and right sides empty.
Use these ads for earning some extra moeny.
If you want to view a demo of ads Go To

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Infolinks Payments options :        

Infolinks pay you with much options.

  • Payoneer  50$
  • Pay pal 50$
  • echeck 50$
  • ACH ( only for USA bank accounts 50$)
  • Bank Wire transfer 100$
  • western union 100$
Infolinks will send your payments within 45 days in the last of month. you can easily receive your payments with these methods.

Infolinks payment proof :            

Infolinks is not a scam this is a legit site. This is my payments on infolinks. you can see i have Earn 247.29 $ From infolinks. This is a screen shot of my earning.

Infolinks Earnings :            

After using the intext ads i am feeling relax because intext ads gives you great income. infolinks gives you high eCPM possible. you can see my weekly earning in 2011 on infolinks.

You can see my earnings some times my earning gone low and somtimes go to high because this all process base on traffic and visitors.
If your site have Good traffic you can earn much money. So do your work and touch the sky with blogging.

Pros and Cons :        

Pros :

  • Signing up is very Easy and just take minutes 
  • A simple but beautiful style of website and easy to use
  • approval process take 1 or two days
  • All high quality content sites will approve shortly. webmasters
  • Infolinks accept all sub domains like  and
  • You can control ads type and design your ads in your infolinks account.
  • infolinks show related ads with your valuable keywords and content on your website/Blog.
  • They have advertisers for more than 130 countries. you can make money 100% of your visitors.
  • The eCPM is very Good and ranges 0.40$ and 20$.
  • They provide many options for payments in your country.
  • You can minimum payout is 50$ which is good compared to adsense.
  • Infolinks support is good.

Cons :         

  • Many intext ads doesn't like to visitors.
  • infold and inframe ads can fill your website long space.
  • Earnings can be low in small niches and countries.
  • Earning process is bit slow but real not scam.

How to make money with infolinks:       

It is so easy to make money with infolinks you can apply for infolinks if your site have good quality visitors on daily basis.
You can use many types of ads in your site for earn Good income. Many other website/Blog authors earning money from infolinks. infolinks gives you many other bounces for earn some extra money.
Now its your term apply Now for infolinks and earn good income.

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