How to get Google page rank for blogger

How to get Google page rank for blogger | Blogger ustaad

How to get google page rank
In this post blogger ustaad will show you to how to get Google rank to your blog. There are many ways to get Rank and popularity and high quality traffic like social sites Example (Facebook , Twitter , Google+ another sites) But your blog will take much more time to get rank.
Similarly in this post you can find true and good ways to get ranks.

These are steps are compulsory for getting rank.

Guest post:

Guest post is a best way way to get rank because Google clients and servers reading and collecting information from Top sites. Post guest post on high Page rank blogs and website who's offers for guest posting. you can make your blog popular in short time to guest posting.
keep guest posting on other sites and put you link on post where you posting.
post a good material and 300 words plus post for guest posting because top sites will show your post if your post is strength full and interesting to reading.

Social Bookmarking :

Social bookmarking is a best and good way to popular your blog and website and getting Google page rank early for your site. When your post is complete and ready to publish then share link on your social page and profile. when reader read your post and defiantly visit to read post of your site.
Many webmasters use top social sites for publishing links and getting high quality traffic. so daily update your social page posts and share on groups and friends timelines.

Commenting on top blogs :
Blog commeting is a Good and very fast way to get Google page rank and a lot of traffic.
When you comment on Top Blogs and then visitors read your comment and want to Go to your site for getting some Knowledge and other thing.
If you are commenting on Do follow blogs then search engines read your comment and index your backlink in search engine.
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