Add custom Robot.txt file in Blogger

Add custom Robot.txt file in blogger | Blogger ustaad

In this post blogger ustaad show you to how to add custom robot.txt file in Blogger.

Add custom Robot.txt File in Blogger

What is Robot.txt and why add in Blogger?

Custom robot.txt file is very important for your website/Blog. Because your Blog/website crawl and index in search results with this simple code. Robot.txt file is very important to index your website/Blog pages or Home page in search engines.
This is also important for search results in search engines Example , when a person write some thing in search bar like > Top sites < Then if you already add custom Robot.txt file then search engines crawl your page and post and visible to top of search engnie.

Follow these steps to add Robot.txt File in blogger.

Add custom Robot.txt file in Blogger

  • First Go to your blogger
  • Click on settings
  • Then search preferences
  • Custom Robot.txt ? 
  • Edit and paste this code in box 
User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /
Change example With your Blog/website address.
Now save you are done !!!

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