Alexa Company review

Alexa Company review by Blogger ustaad

Alexa Company review

What is alexa Rank?

Alexa rank is very important for you Blog and website to visible and get top position in search engines and also improving their conversion rate. Now, there are Many ways of High targeted traffic. Some go for a good place in the Search Engines , Webmasters like to know that their site receives heavy and good quality traffic.Everybody has this goal of achieving Great success.
But during Hitting famous with Google may seem to certain business of people the only way to make themselves known and thus reaching their achievements, there are others that think that a good place in the Alexa ranking system might benefit them just as well.

 What is Alexa Ranking For blog and website? 

This is a Important ranking system Introduced by Alexa That is a subsidiary of Amazon that basically audits and makes public the numbing of visits on various popular sites. The calculation according to which Alexa traffic ranking is calculated. It is based on the amount of traffic recorded from users that have the Alexa toolbar installed over a time of three - two months. This traffic is based and working on such parameters as reach and page views and hits to your site. The reach refers to the rank of Alexa users who visit a Great site in one day. Page view, as its name shows, is the number of times a particular page is viewed by Alexa users. Alexa makes it clear though that, if a particular user visits the same page multiple times on the many days, all those visits will be counted as one only. The first and early step of the ranking process is calculating the hits and reach and number of page views for all the sites (like Facebook , twitter , Google+ and other social sites) on the Web on a daily basis.

 How Alexa Ranking Works on internet for blog and website.

 It's very easy to get started. All you have to do is visit the Alexa site and download and install the Alexa toolbar. This toolbar offers a search function but it mainly displays the rank at a global level and country level of the visited web sites, as well as the sites that have been visited by Web clients that are linked in some ways to the site is being visited. The Alexa toolbar not only displays information and rank, but it also sends data to the central server. Thus, each time you visit a Web page via a Web browser be it Chrome , Internet Explorer , Firefox that has the toolbar installed, information is sent to the Client indicating your IP and the page you are visiting. Such data is gathered from all the Web users by alexa Clients who have the Alexa toolbar.Install Alexa toolbar for get high quality traffic and rank.

Alexa ranking benefits for blog and website authors:

You can see your visitors location and country. you can track your visitors that how visitors comes to your site like refering sites and search rngines. you can see your global and country rank of your site. You can also see keywords of your site.
many other benefits of alexa rank.
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