Bidvertiser company review with payment proof 2014-2015

Bidvertiser company review with payment proof 2014-2015

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Bidvertiser is the one of the oldest PPC (pay per click) network who's started in 2003 Alon when launch of adsense. In this post Blogger ustaad give a long detail and transparent review on bidvertiser then you can know about this network and also join for this.
An advertisement network is so important for bloggers for earning money with blog and websites.
You can read that (How to make money with this network in the end of post).
being detailed i have make parts of the post making it easy to browse and read.

Table of Content : 

Here are the subtopics of this post.
  1. Bidvertiser legit or scam?
  2. What is bidvertiser?
  3. How bidvertiser works?
  4. ad formats and sizes and payment methods.
  5. Payments proof.
  6. pros and cons
  7. My Bidvertiser earnings and how will you earn?
  8. How to make money with Bidvertiser?
  9. How to sign up and ad setup?

Bidvertise : legit or scam ?

bidvertiser starts on the Internet for 11 years now as of 2014. No scam sites lives for so much of time.
Its Alexa Rank is around 1000 and more. It indicates that it is among the top 10000 websites of the world on Internet.
Thousands of advertiser and Publishers are associated with BidVertiser for years and has best and good relationship with it and making and paying money from bidvertiser and for bidvertiser.
Most important thing which proves that it is not Scam but Legit is the payment of $1100 made in 2 months that Bidvertiser sent me through Pay pal.

Payment proof :

Payment proof bidvertiser

What is Bidvertiser?

Many bloggers and websites authors want to know that what is bidvertiser .
Bidvertiser is a PPC (pay per click) company who's surf's for software sites and games sites.
If you have a software or Game site you can earn money from Bidvertiser you can add ads between download button.
When a visitor want to download software he surely click on ad and Bidvertiser pay you pay per click.

How it works?

Here big question is how Bidvertiser works? You can know about Bidvertiser works in this topic.
  • When a publisher apply for Bidvertiser bidvertiser give ads of advertiser to publisher for showing ads on publishers site.
  • If publisher have good traffic and visitors on his site then he can make $$$ in some time.
  • Advertiser pay money to Bidvertiser to showing ads and getting traffic.
  • Bidvertiser gives these ads to publishers for showing ads.
  • This is process of Bidvertiser.

Ad Formats and payment Methods.

  • Vertical Rectangle ( 240 x 400 )
  • Medium Rectangle ( 300 x 250 )
  • Large Rectangle ( 336 x 280 )
  • Full Banner ( 468 x 60 )
  • Half Banner ( 234 x 60 )
  • Rectangle ( 180 x 150 )
  • Vertical Banner ( 120 x 240 )
  • Square Button ( 125 x 125 )
  • Leader board ( 728 x 90 )
  • Wide Skyscraper ( 160 x 600 )
  • Half Page Ad ( 300 x 600 )
  • Skyscraper ( 120 x 600 )
  • Mobile Ads ( 300×50 )
Pop under ads :      These ads open pop up in active browser. When a visitor enter your site a pop up ads is appear on his screen if he clicks Bidvertiser pay you for this click.

Slider ads :       These ads appear on visitor screen like sliding ads. You can increase your earnings.But Dont use these ads for professional sites. Because a professional site want to add attractive ads in his site.

Toolbar creator :     You can use toolbar creator and you can make a toolbar of your site. You can make a menu " MY OWN MENU " and add your site links in it. You can promote your toolbar in your site when visitor download your toolbar , Then visitor engaged with your site. your visitor will come with high number.

Here the benefits and featured of toolbar.

  • Customised toolbar with your own logo and linked to your site home page.
  • Custom search engine let your visitor search with your toolbar.
  • Add custom links and buttons with your blog content 
  • Direct access to international and national TV channels
  • Your visitors share favourite things with friends via your toolbar.
  • Direct and high access to YouTube content.

Payments Methods :

Bidveritser pay payments to publishers via various ways. Publishers receive payments in process of 2 months.
Read these Methods with minimum payout.
  • Pay pal Minimum 10$ 
  • Check - minimum 100$
  • Western union Minimum 100$
  • Wire transfer Minimum 10$

Pros and cons :

  1. Signing up is very fast. There is not approval access. your site will accepted soon.
  2. Various ways to Make money , Pay per click , pop under ads , xml feeds , toolbar , slider ads.
  3. Many ad formats : banners , in line ads , skyscrapers , Mobile ads.
  4. You can customise ads to fit in your blog and website.
  5. Subdomains are also accepted Example , .
  6. You can make referral program from which money can be make by referring advertiser and publishers to Bidvertiser.
  7. Minimum pay out only 10$ vis pay pal. Bidvertiser pay you last day of month. If you are not reached minimum payment ,then Bidvertiser pay you next last day of month.
  8. They provide 100% rate and also for traffic of our country's.

Cons :

  • Bidvertiser website design is not Good and attractive. This is point-able of the reasons that only some people Sign Up to BidVertiser.
  • There are a big problem in  earnings. You may earn one day $14 but at the very next day only $5.
  • Ads of Bidvertiser is not be relevant and attractive if your niche is short and small.
  • sometime BidVertiser is not counting some of the clicks on your blog and website.because of their click  invalid or fraud. This is true to ensure that advertisers pay only for real and valid clicks.
  • Quality of ads is not attractive and good.

My Earnings and how will you earn :

This is my earning of many sites and in next step you can read that how will you earn.

Earnings of Bidvertiser

You can Earn money  if you use pop up ads and in line ads. you will earn up to 100 $ if you have a lot of traffic on your site.
so start these ads formats for increasing earnings.

How to make money with Bidvertiser :

You know that i already mentioned that how to make money with bidvertiser but read again.

  • You can make money with pop up ads , and banners ads and with in line ads.
  • these ads formats are very attractive for your visitors to click on them. use these ad formats.
  • Toolbar  is second good way to make money with bidvertiser. if your visitor download your toolbar and seach from your toolbar your earnings will increas.
  • xml feeds is also a best way to earn money with bidvertiser.
  • Use all options of making money in bidvertiser for earn a good income.

How to sign up and ad setup?

Its very easy to sign up for bidvertiser and ad setup.
Follow these steps for signing up for bidvertiser.
  • First Go to
  • Click on "join now -its free".
  • Sign up form will appear put your correct information in it. give your personal and best email address.
  • Bidvertiser send you activation link > copy and paste in form your account will activate.
  • your Bidvertiser account is ready to use.

Submitting website and blog :

Its so easy to submit a website in it. Follow these steps to add website in your account.
  • Log in to your Bidvertiser account.
  • Add new Bidvertiser
  • Enter your domain with ad size Example your domain 480x60
  • Enter your website URL 
  • Choose language which you use in your blog/website.
  • Now choose your website/Blog category and sub category.
  • Now click to Finish.

Adding Advertisement code to your site :

  • Go to Bidvertiser center
  • Select your website/Blog 
  • After that choose a Template
  • Here choose your ad would you want to add in your Blog/website.
  • Get code 
  • and paste this code in your website/Blog page or Home page.
Now your Bidvertise account and website/Blog is ready to make money from Bidvertise.

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